Lithuania or the Republic of Lithuania is one of the three Baltic States in the Baltic region of northern-eastern Europe. It is bordered by Latvia to the north, Kaliningrad Oblast to the southwest, Belarus to the east and Poland to the south. Vilnius is the capital and the largest city in the country.

It is the only Baltic Country with more than 800 years of statehood tradition. In 1579, Vilnius University was opened and in the 16th century, the country adopted its First, Second and Third Statutes.

Over the years, Lithuania has remained as an undiscovered gem. The country boasts of a pleasant climate throughout the year. Moreover, if you are traveling to the country to avail medical treatment, you can take advantage of highly qualified and skilled doctors having expertise in cosmetic surgery, cardiology, and dentistry.

While in Lithuania, you will be required to shell out less amount of your hard earned money on availing medical treatment. Moreover, the cost of holidaying in Lithuania is less than what it cost to indulge in a holiday in the USA and Western Europe. Therefore, if you want to avail medical treatment in Lithuania, you can also enjoy postoperative holidays to feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

Why consider Lithuania for medical tourism?

Lithuania medical tourism offers high quality, competitively priced health care services to patients looking forward to availing plastic surgery, dentistry or cardiology services. The biggest attraction that attracts medical tourists from around the world is low cost. It is an extremely affordable country where medical services are priced extremely competitively.

Lithuania boasts of a good public and private healthcare system and its citizens are covered by free of cost healthcare services provided by the state. The country is fast taking the first step to become a global leader in the medical tourism industry. It means that the country is witnessing high traffic of medical tourists coming from overseas.

Lithuania doctors and medical staff are competent and have years of experience to back their knowledge. Moreover, as the medical staff here does not need to earn anything like their American or Europeans counterparts, the hospitals and clinics don’t overcharge the patients.

Another advantage that attracts medical tourists from around the world to this beautiful country is a high standard of living. The amazing panoramic views clubbed with mesmerizing sandy beaches makes up as a perfect location to recover and enjoy your post-surgery vacations. Clubbing your holidays with healthcare services make sense if you are planning a trip to Lithuania. There is so much to observe, explore and witness in this beautiful country that you will love to stay back a few more days.

Travel and Accommodation - Lithuania

You can easily travel to Lithuania from all the nearby destinations by air. Moreover, you can also reach the country by train, ferry or bus, depending on where you are traveling from.

Traveling by air

The international airports are located in Kaunas, Vilnius, and Palanga. Various flights travel back and forth different destination and offer the tourists a chance to travel with ease. There are various buses, which constantly commute from the airport and help the tourists travel to their destination with ease.

Traveling by rail

The railway system of the country belongs to Lietuvos Gelezinkeliai. There are international routes, which help medical tourists travel to the country. Therefore, travelers from Moscow, Mahilyow, Saint Peterburg, Minsk, and Warsaw can easily travel through the rail.

Traveling by ferry

Six routes connect Lithuania’s seaport to Denmark, Poland, Germany, and Sweden. To travel within the country, tourists can also choose to travel through a ferry.

There are plentiful and economically priced accommodations present in Lithuania, which can help tourists to enjoy a comfortable stay. There are rooms that can be secured for as little as €60 per night. However, you also have the option to pick guesthouses where the warm Baltic hospitality will bowl you over. If you are tight on budget, you can even choose to stay at holiday apartments, which can be secured for approximately €40 per night.

You can plan to stay a few days in this beautiful country to enjoy postoperative holidays. Lithuania is a hidden gem, so make sure you enjoy your vacations to the maximum while at this place.

The healthcare system in Lithuania

The healthcare system of the country is excellently planned, funded by the government and economically priced as compared to most western societies. The country provides free state-funded healthcare services to all its citizens the medical staff, doctors are highly qualified, and the Lithuania cardiologists are considered as the most advanced doctors in a former Soviet bloc.

Healthcare in the country including emergency treatment is free. European citizens who have EHIC card also get free access to Lithuania healthcare system. Doctors in the country are trained for six years, before they are certified to practice. A majority of medical staff including the doctors are trained overseas to gain their expertise.

The State System of the Ministry of Health controls the Lithuania’s healthcare system this body is responsible for making proposals, implementing government policy and providing licenses to pharmaceutical industry. This body also oversees the five Territorial Patient Funds and the State Patient Fund.

Doctors and healthcare centers

The country boasts of a large number of general physicians, cosmetic surgeons, plastic surgeons, and cardiologists. The doctors are the first point of contact for a patient with the Lithuanian healthcare system. The citizens have an option to register with a doctor of their choice.

Healthcare centers in the country not only provide outpatient care but are expert in offering a wide variety of specialist services to their patients. The doctors provide plastic surgery services, dentistry, child healthcare, general practice and a lot more other services.

While there are hundreds of public clinics and hospitals, the number of private clinics is comparatively less. While the treatment offered is at par with the Western standards, the cost is cheaper.

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About Lithuania

Lithuania is a majestic country in the Baltic Region situated along the east of Sweden, southeastern shore of the Baltic Sea and is bordered by Belarus to the east. The only Baltic country, Lithuania, has nearly 800 years of statehood tradition. It is a democratic and independent republic whose power is exercised by the parliament.

It is a very old country, which houses more than 30 towns. Wherever you go, you will come across amazing architecture, well-preserved gothic, stunning views and a lot more. The country has one of the best transportation as tourists can easily travel within the country by air, rail or road.

For all the medical tourists looking forward to spending some time amidst natural beauty, Lithuania has a lot on offer. Here you can enjoy every moment while indulging in natural spas and springs.  

While Lithuania may not be the first destination that comes to your mind when thinking about medical tourism, however, if you dig a little deeper, you can surely find some great deals on cosmetic and plastic surgery options here.

Quick Facts about Lithuania

(1) Romualdas Marcinkus, the football star is the only Lithuanian pilot who served in the Royal Air Force during the Second World War.

(2) Lithuanian was the last nation who converted to Christianity

(3) Lithuania is bordered by Belarus to the east, Russia to the southwest and Latvia to the north.

(4) The capital city, Vilnius covers an area of 155 square miles

(5) The climate of the country transitions between continental and maritime while staying wet and moderate all year around.

(6) It is the only country in the world to have its own official scent known as Scent of Lithuania

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