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A sovereign South American country, the Republic of Colombia is situated at the northwestern tip of the continent. This beautiful country houses amazing geographical features including the Amazing forest, Pacific coast, Andes Mountains, La Guajira desert land and the Caribbean coast.

For the past many years, the Colombian government has been promoting medical tourism and making heavy investment to improve the medical infrastructure of the country. The government is also working toward getting international accreditation and affiliations.

Some medical procedures that patients from around the world come for include:

(1) Cardiology

(2) Dental treatment

(3) Plastic surgery

(4) Fertility treatment

(5) Transplants

(6) Various cosmetic surgeries

Moreover, the country’s capital, Bogota houses some of the best hospitals in the country. You can also find the best medical institutions in the country that use the latest technology and medical infrastructure in different cities like San Fernando, Medellin, and Cartagena.

Why Consider Colombia for Cosmetic Surgery?

If you are looking for the next plastic surgery opportunity, head towards Colombia. The country is fast becoming a preferred destination for people looking forward to going under the knife. Tourists from all over the world including developed countries such as the USA, Europe, UK and Canada visit Colombia to explore the country, enjoy its rich culture and history and to beautify themselves.

According to America Economia, the country boasts of the best medical infrastructure and offers high-quality services in Latin America. With more than 45 hospitals and health care clinics, various cities in Colombia are fast converting into medical hubs.

Here are few reasons why you should choose Colombia to go under the knife.

Affordable health care

With specialized procedures and high-quality treatment available at almost half the cost that would have incurred in any developed country, Colombia is fast becoming the most preferred destination.

Easily accessible location

Situated in northwestern South America, Colombia is easily accessible as it lies at a short distance from Canada. Daily flights provide regular services to patients and tourists as international airports of the country are connected by them.

Qualified doctors

A majority of medical professionals, doctors and surgeons have studied at some of the best international institutions in the USA, UK, Canada and more. They possess the best skill set and are in sync with the latest technology and developments.

Internationally accreditation hospitals

The government of the country is focused on expanding the Colombian medical tourism industry and thus they are taking every measure to establish and improve quality of public hospitals. There are 12 medical institutions in Colombia that have been accredited by JCI and the government is planning to get JCI accreditation for more hospitals

No more waiting time

One of the best things that attract medical tourists from around the world to Colombia is that they can receive immediate care instead of waiting for their turn for months. So when opting for plastic surgery in Colombia, you can avail the treatment right away and enjoy your vacations in this exotic country.

Travel and Accommodation Costs in the Colombia

Colombia is home to 10% of the world’s biodiversity and the country is attracting tourists as well as patients seeking cosmetic surgery procedures from around the world. Here you will be impressed by the beauty of the region, get an opportunity to indulge in a great nightlife, visit museums, beautiful beaches and more.

Traveling Within Colombia

Traveling within the country is easy and affordable. You can choose a local metro to travel within the city as the fares are cheap as compared to intercity buses fares. There are some budget airlines that offer cheaper services than intercity buses and help you reach your destination in a short span of time. If you are looking for private taxis, you will find them in abundance and they will help cover the distance in a comfortable manner.


When traveling to the country, you have the option to choose between hostel dorm, private rooms, budget hotels and 5-star hotels. Here you can expect to pay anything between 15,000 COP per night to 250,000 COP depending on your choice of accommodation. If you are planning a vacation and the medical procedure simultaneously, you can choose a hotel with a pool and make the most of your vacations.

The Health Care System

Being a rapidly growing economy in the continent, Colombia has been touted as the best medical tourism destination in South America. The country ranks 22nd on the WHO’s (World Health Organization) list of the countries offering best healthcare services.

The health care system in the country comprises private and public hospitals. The country’s government and investors are investing heavily in the country’s health care system to offer its residents and tourists the best medical health care facilities. The country boasts of some of the finest hospitals and specialized clinics in the world supported by the best medical infrastructure.

Hospital Standards

The country has a large network of private as well as public clinics and hospitals that provide the best services to medical tourists and residents alike. Doctors and surgeons in the country have obtained their education from some of the most prestigious colleges and universities in the country and abroad. Some doctors have even received international education and exposure which has enhanced their skills further.

Colombia presently houses 16 of the 40 best hospitals present in Latin America. Fundación Santa Fe de Bogota, one of the best hospital in the region is a JCI (Joint Commission International) accredited institution. The Santa FR hospital has also partnered with John Hopkins Hospital to offer high-quality medical services and has collaborated over medical research.

Colombia also boasts of a strong research and development tradition as the government has made a heavy investment in improving the medical infrastructure of the country. They want to make sure to provide a safe environment to the patients while receiving high-quality medical services in the country.

Surgery Treatment Accommodation Total Cost

About Colombia

Colombia or the Republic of Colombia is a sovereign state located in the northwest of South America. The country shares its northwest border with Panama, the south border with Ecuador and Peru, while its eastern bordered is shared with Brazil and Venezuela. The Colombian territory also consists of tropical grassland, Amazon rainforest, and Pacific and Caribbean coastlines.

Indigenous people originally inhabited Colombia. The Spanish set its foot on the country’s soil in 1499 for the first time and initiated a period of colonization and conquest in the first half of 16th century.

The name Colombia is derived from Christopher Columbus last name. The country’s name was conceived by Francisco de Miranda, Venezuelan revolutionary as a reference to the new world. It was later adopted by the Republic of Colombia in 1819 and changed to United States of Colombia in 1863. Finally, the present name the República de Colombia was adopted in 1886.  

Quick Facts About Colombia

(1) Notorious cocaine cartel Pablo Escobar offered to repay the country’s pending $10 billion debt in favor of improving his reputation and in order to escape the crosshairs of justice.

(2) Colombia is considered as the second most bio diverse country, after Brazil. It is also one of the 17 mega diverse countries present in the world.

(3) Colombia is part of the famous Ring of fire which is known for a large number of volcanic eruptions and earthquakes.

(4) Women here don’t hesitate to undergo plastic surgery or any cosmetic surgery in general. If they are dissatisfied with their body, they would get it changed or enhanced.

(5) Colombian mannequins have enormous breasts that reflect the country’s obsession with curves.

(6) The country name is pronounced as Col-o-mbia and not as Col-u-mbia. Many people around the globe often mispronounce the country’s name.

(7) It is the only country in South America that is lined by both Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. 

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