Belgium attracts a large number of medical tourists particularly British patients as it lies close to the UK and because of a low cost of medical treatment. Every year, more than 60,000 patients travel to this beautiful destination to get high-quality medical care without compromising on the quality.

Most patients who look forward to medical treatment in the country often travel to the capital city Brussels. This is ideal for patients who want to combine their holiday with vacation. Brussels is a relaxed, sophisticated and a fun destination to be at.

Generally, patients travel from across the globe to opt for one of the several popular non-emergency surgeries including Cosmetic, spinal, obesity, orthopedic and Neurosurgery.

Belgium is a beautiful country lying in the northeastern corner of Europe. Medical tourism is rapidly blooming industry and people from all over the world are visiting Belgium to opt for a variety of medical procedures.

Some of the key strengths of Belgium as a medical tourism destination are:

(1) Critical attention is giving to make sure hospitals adhere to the standards.

(2) The medical treatments are 40 to 50 percent cheaper as compared to developed countries.

(3) The country offers easy accessibility as it has rail, road, and air connectivity.

(4) There are 5-star accommodation options for travelers opting for a surgery in the country.

(5) There is no need to wait for days to avail the treatment.

(6) The hospitals in the country have English speaking doctors and medical staff.

The ever-increasing cost of medical treatments forces patients to look for alternatives. This is one reason why tourists choose to travel to Belgium. Other benefits offered by the country are:

Affordable medical services – Some statistics have shown that medical tourism in Belgium is 40 to 50% cheaper as compared to the same procedure in the UK or the USA.

Highly qualified doctors – Belgian doctors are some of the best doctors in the world. The doctors are required to undergo education and training with a minimum study period of 7 years and a maximum of 12 years.

Easy Traveling – Multiple budget airlines connect people from around the world with Belgium. Traveling cost is affordable which makes the experience more pleasant.

No waiting time – There are numerous public as well as private healthcare centers and hospitals in the country which have enough resources for international medical tourists and residents of the country. This is the reason you won’t have to wait for your turn.

Travel Notes

Traveling to this multilingual country is a lot easier as there are a large number of air service providers who help travelers travel to and from various locations across the globe.

Belgium is a member of Schengen agreement and thus residents of nearby countries that have also signed this agreement can easily travel between the countries. Brussels Airport is the main airport of the country which is located in Flanders. This is the base of national airlines known as Brussels Airlines. Other airlines that use this airport are Jet Air Fly, Vueling, and Thomas Cook.

Travelling within the country

It is extremely comfortable to travel within the country as the city metro tickets are roughly 2 to 3 EUR per ride. Moreover, as it is a small country, traveling around is not expensive. Intercity train tickets generally cost around 15 EUR for a second class fare.

Getting to and from the airport is also easier as there are a lot of bus services and trains that are readily available. When traveling from the airport, you can expect to pay around 10 EUR or less for a one-way ticket.


Belgium is a small nation where travelers generally come for a beer, chocolates, and fries. However, over the years, the trend of medical tourism is on the rise. So if you choose to travel to Belgium, you can choose to stay in a hostel dormitory room which starts or as low as 20 EUR for 6 beds.

You can even choose to opt for private rooms in hostels which starts around 52 EUR. A majority of hostels come with complimentary breakfast. If you don’t want to stay at a hostel, you can enjoy a comfortable stay at budget hotels which starts around 50 EUR per night or opt for Airbnb which is popular throughout the country.

The Healthcare System

Belgium offers one of the best medical treatments to the citizens and international patients. The hospitals and clinics in the country are equipped with some of the best doctors in the world who are fluent in English. Over the years, Belgium has become the top choice for cosmetic surgery.

All the doctors in the country are required to study for a minimum of 7 to 12 years before they can start practicing medicines. Moreover, the doctors travel a lot of places like the USA, UK and other countries for medical education. The doctors are also affiliated with a large number of hospitals within the country, which give the patients wide options to visit them.

Apart from a large number of hospitals, no waiting time and experienced doctors, flexibility in the infrastructure of the hospital is what makes it more interesting. In major cases, a patient who has undergone cosmetic surgery can leave the hospital on the same day.

Moreover, prices in Belgium are more affordable and competitive in Belgium as compared to other countries in the west. So while a tummy tuck cost around €4,200 in Belgium, a hip surgery is possible for €10,400.

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About Belgium

Belgium or the Kingdom of Belgium boasts of a total population of 11 million people and covers an area of 30528 square kilometers. Two linguist groups reside in Belgium – the Dutch-speaking Flemish Community and the French-speaking Walloon population.

Ticked away in the northeastern corner, a beautiful and vibrant country attracts tourists round the year. Belgium is an amazing combination of culture, nature and panoramic views.

Medical tourism is rapidly gaining momentum in the country as it is fast becoming one of the most important industries in the country. People from all over the globe choose to travel to Belgium to opt for dentistry, plastic surgery, and other non-emergency treatments. As compared to France, Netherlands, Britain and Luxemburg, Belgium experience approximately 18% increase in the number of tourist traveling to the country to avail medical treatment.

Belgium gets a significant number of patients from Germany, Italy, UK, France, Spain, Poland, Netherlander and the USA. The reasons a majority of Netherlanders cross the border is that they are not required to wait in lines to undergo a procedure. Moreover, the treatment cost is low in Belgium as compared to other developed countries which makes it one of the preferred locations.

Quick Facts About Belgium

So you think you know Belgium? Here are few amazing facts about the country that you may not know. Read on!

(1) The Big Bang Theory of the origin of the universe originated in Belgium in 1927.

(2) The most punctual airport in Europe is the Brussels South Charleroi airport, which is also considered the world’s second best airport for on-time performance.

(3) Academics believed that Cricket is a Belgian invention.

(4) With an approximate height of 181.7 cm, Belgian men are believed to be second tallest in the world.

(5) Belgians pay the highest taxes in Europe as Belgium tax rates are the fourth highest in Europe.

(6) The first skyscraper in Europe, known as Torengebouw was built in Belgium.

(7) Belgium’s official name is the Kingdom of Belgium and the country has three official languages namely – Dutch, French, and Germany.

(8) Belgian has the highest divorce rate in Western Europe.

(9) Belgian Coast Tram is the longest tram line in the world.

(10) 98% of the total population of Belgium lives in urban areas and cities.

(11) Belgium is second to France is winning the most cycling Tour de France.

(12) Belgium boasts of having more castles per kilometer as compared to any other country in the world. It even holds a world record for it.

(13) Belgium has been producing chocolates from the year 1635, that is almost 400 years

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