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Along with being an energetic city for the tourists to explore, Rio de Janeiro is considered to be the world capital of cosmetic surgery. Moreover, some of the world’s best surgeons are present in Brazil. The country boasts of cosmetic surgery hospitals and plastic surgery using state-of-the-art technology and is regarded as an important part of Brazilian culture. Here getting under the knife is considered as a status symbol.

The country experiences a huge number of plastic surgeries with approximately 650 surgeons performing more than 300,000 surgeries under a year’s time. While some celebrity surgeons command high fees, other lesser known surgeons serve patients from all income brackets.

Brazil offers the best health care in Latin America and ranks among the top countries in the world. Did you know that Brazil is even recognized as the “world capital of cosmetic and plastic surgery”?

When it comes to medical tourism, Brazil is a pioneer. This is the first country with an institution outside the U.S.A. that has been accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI) in 1999. Being a booming economy, Brazil is making investments in its infrastructure and tourism.

Here, more than 60% of the hospitals are privately owned, while the remaining 40% are public hospitals. The privately owned health facilities cater to approximately 80% of the urban population who look forward to going under the knife. Here you will get amazing services that sometimes surpass American standards.

Over the years, Brazil has developed into a center of excellence for healthcare with a majority of universities supporting research, training, and teaching of medical professionals.

Key strength of Medical Tourism in Brazil

(1) There are a large number of JCI accredited institutions and hospital

(2) Cosmetic surgery with a growing reputation of assisted reproduction, sports medicine and more

(3) Excellent quality of healthcare services

(4) High-quality treatment at pocket-friendly price

Why Consider Brazil for Plastic Surgery?

Brazil has more than 5,000 licensed cosmetic surgeons and boasts of the highest per capita number of cosmetic surgeons worldwide. International patients, looking forward to getting plastic surgery done heads straight to Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, which are considered as the best cities of Brazil.

There are hundreds of private and public clinics in the country that serve people from all regions around the world and can offer their services to people of all income brackets. Cosmetic surgery is seen as one of the largest medical tourism draws as there are approximately 50 JCI-accredited hospitals present across the country.

More than 55,000 medical travelers visit the country seeking benefits from the robust healthcare system of Brazil. Brazil is home to Ivo Pitanguy, a world renowned surgeon. There is an institute and a clinic bearing the doctor’s name that was set up in 1963 that help doctors get training, attend workshops and study further to enhance their skills.

However, language can be a barrier for some as a majority of JCI accredited Brazil hospitals have little services to offer to its English speaking patients. But health care services are gaining popularity in the region and there’s growing number of reliable agents, travel support services, and diligent surgeons.

Travel And Accommodation Costs for Plastic Surgery in the Brazil

Brazil is the fifth largest country in the world and has a rapidly growing economy. Accommodation in Brazil comes in full range as it covers basic lodgings to luxury 5-star hotels. While you can get a room for as little as $20, you also have an option to secure a room that will cost you $100 a night.

Hotels in the country run from dives to 5-star apartments. The country has its own classification system that ranges from one star to five stars with the stars depicting the bureaucratic requirements. Hotels also charge approximately 10% service charge which is added to the bill. And it is deemed to be a bad manner to leave a hotel without offering a tip to the receptionist.

Getting In

Unless you plan to cross the border, you are most likely to arrive in the country by air. The airfares vary according to the season in which you plan to travel. While the months of July, August and mid-December are considered as high season, any other month is considered as low season.

There are numerous gateways to get into the country from the United States and Canada. You can get a straight flight from Chicago, Houston, Atlanta, Miami, New York and many other cities. The only Brazilian carrier serving the States is TAM. However, there are several North American airlines such as Air Canada, Japan Airlines, Continental and Korean Air that help passengers to travel to and for between the two countries. If you are traveling to any city in Brazil, it is best that you connect via Sao Paulo or Rio.

The Health Care System

Brazil is a country of dazzling surrounding, beaches, enchanted forests and a lot more. But over the years it has gains attention due to medical tourism in the country. The country has approximately 60% privately owned hospitals along with 40% public hospitals and clinics. A majority of patients who want to undergo a cosmetic surgery are catered for by privately owned hospitals and clinics.

So if you are traveling to Brazil, it is advisable to seek care from one of the best private hospitals rather than going in for a public clinic. Some of the hospitals in the region are accredited by the Canadian Council on Health Services (CCHSA), while there are other regulatory bodies such as Consortium of Brazilian Accreditation and the Brazilian Hospital Medical Quality Organization (ONA) and International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

Brazilian Physicians are required to indulge in a specialized practice after graduation. After completion of post-graduation, the doctors are examined by Brazilian Federal Council of Medicine (Conselho Federal de Medicina) before they can start practicing. After gaining the license, surgeons can become a member of Brazilian Medical Association and the Sociedade Brasileira de Clinica Médica.

Surgery Treatment Accommodation Total Cost

About Brazil

Brazil, officially known as the Federative Republic of Brazil, is the largest country in Latin America and South America. Portuguese is the official language of the country while English is not spoken widely.

Previously, Brazil was inhabited by a number of tribal nations but explorer Pedro Alvares Cabral claimed the area and it came under the Portuguese Empire. Until the year 1808, Brazil remained as a Portuguese Colony, but the colony was elevated with the formation of United Kingdom of Portugal.

Until 2010, Brazil has the world’s fastest growing economies. Brazil is listed as a founding member of the United Nations, Organization of American States, G20, CPLP and Organization of Ibero- American States.

Tourism in Brazil is one of the major sources of income as the country had more than 7.65 million visitors in 2016. The revenue generated by international tourists has reached US$6 billion in 2010.

According to National Research by Household Sample, approximately 48% of the population of Brazil is white, about 43.80% is Pardo, 6.84% is black and remaining 1.36% is Asian.

Quick Facts About Brazil

(1) Ordem e Progresso is the country’s motto which translates to Order and Progress.

(2) The country’s federal capital city, Brazilia was built in only 41 months from 1956 to 1960.

(3) Brazil is the world’s largest coffee exporter for more than 150 years by supplying approximately 80% of the coffee consumed around the world.

(4) The Christ the Redeemer statue weighs approximately 635 tons and is named as one of the New Seven Wonders of the World.

(5) Brazil boasts of 20 UNESCO world heritage sites

(6) Annual Carnival held at Rio de Janeiro attracts more than 2 million tourists every day. 

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