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Lip Surgery 

Introduction *

Anesthetic: Local
Stay in clinic: 1 day
Recuperation: You may return to your regular routine immediately following lip augmentation unless you were sedated
Required pre-surgical tests: All patients undergoing general anesthesia are required to have a preoperative medical evaluation and some routine laboratory tests to assess their general medical condition.


For whom? *

• Young patients who desire their lips to be larger and fuller to help enhance their facial features through lip augmentation.
• Young women who want to look more sensuous and feminine and highlight the mid portion of their face through lip augmentation.
• Older women, who with age have noticed that their upper lip has not only become thinner but also droopier, allowing the space between the bottom of the nose and upper lip to lengthen. This sign of aging is particularly distressing and can be easily reversed using lip augmentation techniques.
What is the procedure for lip surgery?
• Your lip augmentation will be an office procedure performed under local anesthesia. Augmentation materials are available in liquid form for injection or sheet form for surgical placement. 
• If sheets of material are used, which are explained below, small incisions will be made at the corners of your mouth.
•The sheets of material will then be threaded through your lips to provide smooth, even augmentation. The incisions are usually hidden inside your mouth. 

Length of the operation lip surgery *

• 15 minutes to 1 hour per session.

Results *

• Lip augmentation has become popular due to the impressive cosmetic results possible through this relatively simple procedure. 
• Fat injection, in the hands of an experienced surgeon, shows the best and longest lasting results.


Post operation lip surgery *

• Pain from lip augmentation is minimal and easily controlled by medications. 
• Mild to moderate swelling over a few days that goes away disappears rapidly the next few weeks. (The degree of pain is subject to which procedure is performed and can range from almost nothing to quite severe for several weeks). 
• Minimal or no bruising.


When can I start working again? *

• The patient can go back to work or their usual activities almost immediately after their lip augmentation.

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