Our Guarantees

1. GoSculptura has carefully selected the best private clinics and professionals. Our aesthetic treatments will meet and preferably exceed your objectives.

2. We insured that only the most experienced directing surgeon within these clinics will operate you.

3. All surgeon directors are members of national or international associations and in total, cumulate more than 35 years of experience. Together, they have successfully operated on hundreds of patients.

4. All clinics are equipped with the very latest equipment and operate under the most stringent sanitary conditions.

5. In the post-operative phase, your hotel will be conveniently located close to the clinics so that we can insure that you have immediate access to your surgeon. This makes it also very convenient for on site nurse and assistants to both check-up on you regularly at the hotel. 

6. Our policy is to consider only safe cases. This is why we carefully qualify patients. We do refuse a lot of applications. Safety first. 

7. GoSculptura is committed to provide surgeries that meet our patients’ expectations. However, as for any surgical act, complications may arise. Although these are extremely rare, we professionally address them.

7.1 Potential complications are discussed with patients in detail on the day of the preoperative consultation. In addition, post-operation, you are carefully monitored on-site to insure that all is in order before you leave.

7.2 Still, in case of unsatisfactory result: an evaluation is made on your post operative photos back home. If the insufficiency of the result is obvious, the new intervention will be assumed, free of charge, by your surgeon and Gosculptura Corp.

7.3 In case of disagreement, the case will be submitted to a board certified independent surgeon in your area. The surgeon's report will have to be remitted to GoSculptura and if this report recommends a new intervention, you will benefit from our guarantee.

7.4 Our guarantee covers the new intervention with an assigned surgeon as well as the hotel stay (for one person). Our guarantee does not include the flights.

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