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Dr Charles, a leading Plastic Surgeon in Dominican Republic

Dr Charles Almota was born in the Dominican Republic, and from an early age had an interest in medicine, specifically in the field of surgery. He obtains the degree of Doctor in Medicine from the Universidad Iberoamericana ( Unibe ) and works for over two years United Hearts Foundation. A foundation dedicated to treating children and adults with heart disease of low income families. Where he becomes part of the  surgical staff of the Cardiac Surgery Ward.

He then moved to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to pursue an expertise in the area of plastic surgery. Performs residency in general surgery and then specialises in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Reconstructive Surgery, and Hair Transplant surgery in the General Hospital of Santa Casa da Misericordia of Rio de Janeiro. In Brazil is where he met his beautiful wife who is also a plastic surgeon. Completed their specialization, Dr Charles Almota and his wife decided, to move to the Dominican Republic.

Our Team

Our highly trained professionals with extensive experience have the motivation to provide personalized attention to all our patients.
Our priority is to give our patients a unique experience before, during and after the cosmetic procedures.

Improving Lives

We understand that in order to change our lives one has start from the inside out. We know that it can be challenging and we provide help and guidance. They should never seek to be someone else. We are all beautiful, and should only seek to become the best version of ourselves.

Building Trust

Trust is an essential part of any relationship.

We provide the highest level of privacy in our facilities, as well as with each member of our staff. We are certified by different national and international organisations. We are equipped with the latest medical equipment and our staff is well trained and highly motivated to give our patients the safest and most pleasant experience possible.

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GoSculptura offers competitively priced packages of plastic surgery in Dominican Republic.

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