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About Mexico

Mexico finds its name in the list of one of the largest countries of the world. That's, however, is not its only distinction. It is also one of the most famous tourist destinations. In fact its name appears in the best 10 tourists destinations in the world. Every year about 20 million tourists come here.

It is not hard to understand why Mexico is such a popular tourist destination. It offers everything that a modern tourist wants. Mexico is bio diverse and rich in nature. It has awe-inspiring landscapes, sultry tropical beaches, and absolutely stunning wildlife. Its cuisine is world famous and a big attraction for tourists. Mexico has modern cities as well as many ancient cities, ruins of which are highly attracting.

Mexico City, the capital of Mexico, is a microcosm of the country. It combines new with old and offers the best of Mexico's cuisine. While a thriving cosmopolitan metropolis, the city also has ancient ruins, like the Pyramid of the Sun. The national capital also acquaint you with the traditional culture and with the national obsession-football. The Aztec stadium in Mexico City is the 3 rd largest football stadium in the world. It is definitely a sight to see, especially when a match is on.

If Mexico City is amazing, the beautiful beaches in the South are nothing short of enchanting. Beaches of Acapulco draw tourists in thousands and here it is always party time. For tourists who prefer beaches but not crowd, Baja California Peninsula is an ideal location. Come here if you are coming for plastic surgery in Mexico and want to spend quality time close to the sea.

Another top location is Guadalajara, which is quintessential Mexican in every possible way. A visit here allows you to see the true Mexican culture. It is famous for its theatres and museums and tequila and Mariachi music. Yucatan Peninsula, on the other hand, is all about ancient Mexican culture. Located to north of the capital, it is the biggest ancient city of Mexico.

Mexico is a beautiful, culturally-rich country. It is also a medically-advanced country and offers quality treatment at affordable prices. Without a doubt, if you want to undergo plastic surgery and take a vacation at the same time, Mexico is where you should be.


GoSculptura offers competitively priced packages of plastic surgery in Mexico.

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