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Costa Rica

The Healthcare System in Costa Rica

In Costa Rica, a surgeon or doctor undergoes a long, rigorous training. To attain a medical degree, doctors mu st study for 7 years. To specialize in a particular field, a doctor must further study for 4-5 years. So to become a specialist in any field of medicine, a person undergoes about 12 years of training.

For about 5 years, doctors study basic as well as clinical sciences in university hospitals. This includes both theory and practical study. Next comes a 1-year internship in Medicine, Surgery, Pediatrics, and GynOb. Even after all this a doctor doesn't get a license to practice. To get that, doctors must spend 1 year in rural areas doing social services. Only after the completion of Social Services, a candidate becomes a physician. To specialize in a particular field, a candidate must complete the postgraduate studies.

The time taken by post graduate general surgery is 5 years. Some surgery subspecialties require a degree in general surgery. There are some other subspecialties for which the criterion is not a degree but 3 years of general surgery. The time period for different surgery subspecialties is different. The minimum time period for surgical subspecialties is 3 years and the maximum is 6 years.

Majority of doctors or surgeons undergo training in Costa Rica. Some doctors go abroad for subspecialty, like the US. All doctors who want to practice must be associated with the Costa Rican Medical Association. This includes doctors who did their training abroad. Different specialties have different professional associations. Nevertheless the most valued accreditation is with the national Medical Association.

The responsibility for safety of hospitals is with the Ministry of Health of the country, so is the responsibility for accreditation. The responsibility for physician accreditation, on the other hand, lies with the College of Physicians and Surgeons. It is also responsible for recognition of physicians.

Registration with the Costa Rica Plastic Surgery Board is compulsory for surgeons. Most surgeons here are also members of international professional associations. You should check the credentials, treatments, and costs of several providers before coming for plastic surgery in Costa Rica .


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