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Costa Rica

Plastic Surgery in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of the medically advanced Latin American countries. Doctors and surgeons here undergo extensive and long training before they can start practicing. This in turn ensures that Costa Rican doctors and surgeons are as good as medical professionals of other countries. One field of medicine in which Costa Rican doctors have made a name for themselves is plastic surgery.

Plastic surgeons here have years of experience and are capable of performing all the latest procedures with remarkable efficiency. Given their excellent training and years of experience, it is no surprise that people from all over the world come here for plastic surgery. Many plastic surgeons here have done training abroad, like US or Canada. That's why they are aware of the standards followed in developed countries and are able to provide the same quality treatment here.

The hospitals and clinics here are comparable to the best in the business. The Ministry of Health of Costa Rica ensures safety and other standards are met by all hospitals. All latest medical equipments are used here as well. When you come to Costa Rica, you get the same quality of treatment as in developed countries. However, the cost of treatment here is half the cost in developed countries, sometimes even more. High quality treatment at affordable costs is the reason why so many people come for plastic surgery in Costa Rica .

All types of cosmetic and aesthetic treatments are done here, including the latest ones. From breast augmentation to facelift and liposuction, doctors here are trained in every kind of plastic surgery. This allows visitors to go through multiple treatments at one single place in a short period.

Another benefit is that Costa Rica is a great tourist place. So patients coming here can undergo treatment and have a great vacation at the same time. Stunning beaches, misty waterfalls, and lush rainforests pull medical tourists in great numbers to Costa Rica every year. Costa Rica is also very well connected with the United States. This is why a large number of medical tourists are from the US.


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